Meet Cameron Pate

Before Cameron joined Hamilton, he did mostly sales for health club memberships and even sold sunglasses.  However, it was Cameron’s mechanical aptitude and passion for music that drew the interest of John Hickman, Hamilton’s Senior Designer and CADD Manager.  Click here to watch the video!

John and Cameron first met over a year and a half ago at their church while participating in the contemporary praise band.  After John got to know Cameron a little better and learned more about his creativity and interest in working on cars, he asked Cameron if he had ever considered an engineering career.

“I was of the opinion and still am, that his skills and abilities were being wasted at the job he was working,” says John, “I thought I needed a protégé too, someone young with raw talent that could be developed in the mold of what we think the next generation of Hamilton Engineering technicians would be like.”

Based on John’s desire to help grow the next generation of CADD technicians at Hamilton and the increasing residential project load, he thought some of the senior management staff at Hamilton might be willing to take a chance on a bright guy like Cameron.  One afternoon in June, John casually introduced Cameron to senior staff at Hamilton to see if they saw the same technical spark in Cameron that John saw.  Cameron found himself in an impromptu interview with Heather Wertz, P.E., LEED AP and Dave Ford, CBO, CFM, and they offered him a position at Hamilton.  Two weeks later, Cameron began working under John as an Engineering CADD Technician.

Right now, Cameron is working on plan profiles for Hamilton’s master planned community projects,
“I was brought on to expedite the process,” says Cameron, “As time goes on, I think I’ll become the ‘Plan and Profile Guy.’” At Hamilton, everyone has their specialty, and it looks like Cameron has found his.  To hear more about Cameron in his own words, click here.    Follow his journey at #engineeringgrowth


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